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Experts Rank Michigan 8th
Most Competitive State For Economic Development
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Shortage of software professionals
prompts new forms of training education
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I choose both: College and Career
jobs in the “knowledge economy"

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Workforce News

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A “Source” for retaining employees

James A. Mitchell| Crain’s Custom Media Applying basic business strategies to improve employee retention rates has proven a winning formula for Grand Rapids-based organization,...

Finding jobs for those hardest to employ

James A. Mitchell| Crain’s Custom Media No one knew quite what to expect from an initiative designed to find jobs for a population described as “the hardest to employ.” Specifically:...

Health care employment bouncing back, latest report shows

Crain’s Detroit Business Health care hiring continues to rebound from a slump that slowed, but never halted, job growth. The sector added 24,500 jobs last month and nearly 257,000...

Data + Research

WIN provides current, actionable, real-time labor market data to help you make critical talent decisions. We can help you.
  • Region emerges from the recent recession. It identifies the region’s three strongest occupational growth sectors and the challenges and opportunities for talent development related to them. Learn More
  • A lot has changed since 2009. Our region is recovering. Yet many of the traditional sources of data have yet to catch up. If we base our decisions solely on this data, we might even be flat out wrong. Learn More
  • WIN quarterly reports use real time labor market data to understand top jobs in demand and employment trends. For more information about these reports or the data used in them please contact. Learn More

WIN Perspectives

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Southeast Michigan employment reaches new highs

Lisa Katz| Crain’s Detroit Blog The Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN) released its third quarter labor market reports this week. The reports highlight an...

Overcoming the great divide: college vs. career

Lisa Katz| Crain’s Detroit Blog I recently attended a meeting of academic leaders and asked them to explain to me the mission of education.  One of the responses was, “To promote...

Nurse? Doctor? Where are all the health care workers?

Lisa Katz| Crain’s Detroit Blog In the current Southeast Michigan health care workforce, 45.3 percent of workers are over the age of 45, with 20.7 percent exceeding the age o...

The big change: Automakers need new skills to meet fuel economy standards

Lisa Katz| Crain’s Detroit Blog The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has in place regulations to further reduce automotive emissions and improve average fuel economy from...


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