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Working Smarter

Working Smarter is a series of special reports produced by the WIN research team in addition to quarterly reports and custom workforce analytics. Hot workforce trends, projections, and labor’s relationship to the economy are topics that the WIN team finds important to share with the world and the Working Smarter series allows us to do just that.

Atlas Center Report

Collaboration between WIN and the ATLAS Center at UMTRI to define and analyze the transportation safety workforce.

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Eureka! Report

Report summarizing survey of companies in southeast MI on changing technologies and what the workforce needs to do to prepare.

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CAV Report

Collaboration between WIN and the ATLAS Center at UMTRI to define and analyze the connected and automated vehicle workforce.

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Middle Skills Jobs

Middle-skills jobs are those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree and pay over $15 per hour. Jobs that currently only require a high school diploma will experience negative job growth in the coming years and will be replaced by middle-skill jobs. Employment prospects for those with a degree are still bright and middle-skill jobs can be part of a career pathway into more education and even more lucrative employment. The research in this report explores middle-skills jobs prospects in southeast Michigan.

Occupational Profiles

WIN has created short profiles on selected specific occupations that provide information about wages, employment projections, and recent job postings. These one-pagers are geared toward students and job seekers looking at prospective careers and educators interested in developing curricula for in-demand jobs.

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